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Year in Review

2022 was an exciting year for photographers, videographers, hybrid creators and vloggers, with a host of new cameras launching in early January right through to last minute releases. Whether you pulled the trigger and upgraded, side-graded from one brand to another, or added a second body, it was difficult to ignore some of the biggest and most surprising camera launches of the year.

Year in review 2022 - The Biggest Camera Launches

We’ve rounded up the best photography launches of 2022, with links to product reviews, videos and more, so why not grab a festive drink and plug in for our retrospective year in review 2022 opinion feature.

Table of contents

Top Cameras of 2022

2022 is a difficult year to categorise, with one new camera release bucking the trend of the next, although we saw AI becoming more prominent. Flagship mirrorless cameras packed with upgrades arrived, as did all-round hybrids, next generation cameras and unique products, including the first new rangefinder film camera in almost a decade!

New Canon cameras 2022

New Canon cameras 2022

Canon concentrated their attention on expanding the mirrorless EOS R range, as well as releasing a professional video-centric hybrid and pro 4K camcorders (compared here). Despite these, it was the launch of the crop sensor mirrorless R7 and R10 cameras, which were perhaps the most surprising new Canon cameras in 2022.




Canon R5 C

The first surprise from Canon arrived in April 2022, in the form of the R5 C. This beefy video-centric hybrid cinema camera does away with any overheating or record limits, while adding movie-specific features, such as DIN 1.0/2.3, a multi-accessory shoe, waveforms and false colour as well as full frame internal 8K RAW video 4:2:2 10bit recording.

Canon EOS R5 C Vs R5 and C70 Specs comparison


In a surprising move during May 2022, Canon released two APS-C format mirrorless cameras, with the high-end R7 demonstrating why a crop sensor is still a brilliant idea in 2022. It’s much more than a sports and wildlife body, with outstanding stabilisation, 4K video and a brand new 32.5 megapixel APS-C sensor. We foresee a high adoption rate for Canon crop cameras if they follow the blazing trail left by this first release.

Canon EOS R7 crop sensor camera review


The entry-level R10 arrived in a joint release with the R7, providing beginners with access to a growing collection of Canon mirrorless lenses, including two new dedicated RF crop lenses. If you fancy getting into video and photography, this will knock the socks off any smartphone content you’ve made before and it’s really easy to use.

Canon EOS R10 crop camera review

Canon EOS R6 II

Canon’s second generation all-round hybrid camera launched 02 November, 2022 with updates inside and out. These include a new 24.2 megapixel sensor, a new photo/video switch, updated Dual Pixel CMOS AF II with more subjects, 40fps electronic shutter burst shooting and oversampled 4K/60p, with no-limit recording.

Canon EOS R6 II Review

Fujifilm camera launches of 2022

New Fujifilm cameras 2022

Wow and wow to Fujifilm’s new camera releases of 2022. Starting with the X Series and a camera launched featuring the high-speed X-Trans 5 Stacked BSI Sensor with blistering readout speeds. This was closely followed by another new camera, packing a high-resolution 40MP X-Trans 5 sensor, subsequently added to the photo-centric X-T5.

Fuji didn’t stop there, also updating their professional range of medium format GFX bodies, with a second generation GFX 50S II no less, topping off an impressive year of camera launches from the highly desirable Tokyo-based manufacturer.




Fujifilm GFX 50S II

Fuji’s 51.4 MP medium format camera was updated following the trends set by the flagship GFX 100S. Not everyone needs 100MP, but 6.5 stops IBIS, high precision AF and 14bit RAW resolving power? Yes please and thank you Fuji.

Fujifilm GFX 50S II Camera Review


In July 2022 Fujifilm smashed all preconceptions with the X-H2S launch. Although it looks and feels like a Fuji, it has DSLR lines, boasting a high-speed processor and sensor, aimed squarely at hybrid shooters who specialise in video. The camera records 6.2K/30p 10-bit at 4:2:2, with 14+ stops of dynamic range and class-leading 40fps (electronic shutter).

Fujifilm X-H2 Vs X-H2S Specs Comparison

Fujifilm X-H2

Just months after its video-centric stablemate launched, the X-H2 arrived on 7th September, packing a brand new 40MP APS-C sensor and photo-centric features for today’s hybrid shooters. It records 8K/30p internally, borrows a 160 megapixel Pixel Shift Multi-Shot from the GFX range and a new lower base ISO 125 for cleaner images. The list of updates is so comprehensive we implore you to read the review for more detail, as this is one heck of a camera, which sets new standards for crop sensor capabilities.

Fujifilm X-H2 Vs X-H2S Specs Comparison

Fujifilm X-T5

Much to the delight of many Fujifilm photographers, the 5th generation Fujifilm X-T5 also arrived in 2022. This powerhouse of a camera brings improved AF, deep learning subject detection, enhanced usability and 40MP stills plus 6.2K/30p 4:2:2 10-bit video, with now legendary styling and enjoyable dial-based ergonomics.

Fujifilm X-T5 Review

new 100 megapixel Hasselblad X2D 100C

Hasselblad 2022 camera releases

The Hasselblad medium format X System received a huge upgrade in 2022, with the release of the new Hasselblad X2D 100C. This follows the highly portable form factor of previous models, while simultaneously joining the exclusive 100 megapixel club. Not for you? Perhaps not, but for professional studio, product, lifestyle and art reproduction studios, this is a dream come true.




Hasselblad X2D 100C

Combination of impeccable colour accuracy with 15 stops of dynamic range, 7-stop IBIS, and a revolutionary 1TB of built-in SSD storage to store 100MP images. Hasselblad also released a firmware update within weeks of launching the camera, making this one of the world’s most desirable cameras for pure photography.

Hasselblad X2D 100C + New XCD Lenses review

Leica special edition camera launched 2022

Leica 2022 camera launches

Despite being something of a niche manufacturer, Leica released a series of drop-dead gorgeous cameras in 2022, while packing some seriously impressive technology. New Leica camera launches had a little bit of something for everyone – everyone well-heeled, naturally, including special edition make-overs, which typically sell-out rather quickly.




M11 rangefinder silver and Black

Arriving inJanuary, the latest generation Leica M Rangefinder was a major revelation. It boasts a 60 megapixel sensor, and yes you read that right, along with 64GB internal storage and upgrades to virtually every aspect of the beautiful rangefinder camera body. Phenomenal in so many ways and perhaps the most versatile rangefinder to date.

The Leica M11 A New Benchmark For Rangefinders

SL2-S Reporter

The hybrid full-frame SL2-S Reporter was released in October, sporting similar styling cues as the 2021 Leica Q2 Reporter Limited Edition Camera. The camera functionality is identical to the regular version, which you can read about in our review.

Leica SL2-S Camera Review

Leica M6 film camera

Bucking the trend of the last decade or so, Leica launched a film camera of some distinction in 2022. The M6 is all about your ownership experience, as well as the joy of shooting 35mm film with a legendary camera, which is in no small part handmade.

Leica Launches M6 Film Camera And 35mm M Lens

Leica Q2 Ghost By Hodinkee

Leica’s special editions are appealing, particularly if you appreciate the subtle tones Leica has dressed this grey-toned compact camera with. Yes, it’s spendy, but boy is it beautiful and really good at what it does.

Special Edition Leica Q2 Ghost By Hodinkee

Vlogging with Nikon's Z30 camera

New Nikon cameras 2022

Having launched the Z9 at the very tail end of last year, Nikon concentrated on mirrorless lens launches in 2022, with just one major camera release arriving as the Nikon Z30. This is one of the best hybrid’s for stills and vlogging, with an accessible price point even for beginners.




Nikon Z30

Housing a vari-angle LCD touchscreen and constant power for vlogging or live streams, the Z30 is a thoroughly impressive hybrid camera for stills, video and perhaps most importably for vlogging.


OM system flagship camera was released in 2022

Olympus / OM System cameras from 2022

The transformation from Olympus to OM System has breathed new life into the micro four thirds system, with 2022 seeing two new MFT camera releases. Firstly the flagship OM-1 arrived, beating any expectations with advanced technology for hybrid creators, which was followed by the enthusiast-level OM-5 camera.




OM System OM-1

OM System’s first camera release ever took the market by storm. The flagship hybrid MFT camera sports a new Quad Pixel CMOS sensor, new Ai subject detection and 4K60p / FHD 240p movies from the world’s first IP53 weather sealed body. If you wanted an excuse to join the lightest camera system on the market, this is it.

OM System OM-1 Camera Review

OM System OM-5

The mid-range OM-5 took all of the technology from the OM-1 and adapted it into a competent enthusiast-level offering. A list of extensive features ensures you can capture beautiful stills and video content without breaking the bank.

OM System OM-5 Camera Review

Panasonic full-on video rig with the GH6

Panasonic Lumix new cameras in 2022

2022 saw just one camera release from Panasonic, with the Panasonic Lumix GH6, which arrived in February, although we did see a high volume of new full-frame S and micro four thirds G lenses. The video-centric hybrid captures 5.7K 30p in ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes 422, which is a first for the system.




Panasonic Lumix GH6

Arriving with a number of firsts, the GH6 includes a 25.2MP sensor, 5.7K 30p internal video recording, 7.5 stops of Body I.S. and full size HDMI, dual card slots including one CFexpress Type B slot. It’s no wonder this is one of the most successful cameras of the year, reinvigorating the MFT system once again.

Flagship Panasonic Lumix GH6 Camera Explored

2022 Pentax camera releases

Pentax is the sole bastion of DSLR launches for 2022, with the Pentax KF DSLR Camera arriving in November. It boasts plenty of features for enthusiast Digital SLR users, including extensive weather sealing, a removed AA filter and Pixel Shift mode for high resolution images.

The amazing Sony a7R V released 2022

Sony cameras 2022

The camera industry would be entirely different without Sony pioneering innovative imaging technology each year. Continuing this trend, 2022 saw two significant Sony mirrorless camera launches, along with niche models like the FR7 Cinema Line PTZ Camera, other pro Sony video cameras including the groundbreaking FX30, plus a compact vlogging camera.





Sony FX30

Arriving in the third quarter was Sony’s first backside-illuminated crop-sensor APS-C video camera. It records 4K to 60p, oversampled from 6K, and 4K/120p with 1.62x crop. What really makes this dedicated video camera so special is the accessible price point, perfect for content creators who desire thoroughly professional results.

Sony FX30 Vs FX3 Vs FX6 Camera Comparison

Sony ZV-1F

Joining previous compact vlog cameras is the ZV-1F, which is designed for smartphone creators and vlogging beginners. With a fixed 20mm lens, 1-inch sensor and 4K video this is a great intro to the world of content creation.

Sony ZV-1F Vlogging Camera Comparison

Sony a7R V

The launch of the Sony a7R V was a surprise for a number of reasons. This is the first camera to include a dedicated ai-driven subject recognition processor, which we expect to see widely adopted over the next few years. It also captures 8K movies internally, has better low light performance and colour reproduction, plus up to 8-stop image stabilisation. The entire premise is dedicated to achieving the best image quality possible from any Alpha camera, which the a7R V achieves beautifully.

Sony A7R V Review

Olympus new lens in the field

Biggest lens releases of 2022

A camera is only as good as the lens and we saw plenty of new mirrorless camera lenses launch in 2022, including the news of Sigma Lenses For Fujifilm X Cameras. Canon and Nikon both released long-awaited mirrorless telephoto lenses, Panasonic added MFT and full-frame lenses, while Sony released new and second generation E-mount lenses.

The table below highlights a handful of the top lenses released in 2022, from the many exciting launches, with virtually every manufacturer delivering on their roadmap.




Canon mirrorless lenses

Canon came good on their promise to extend the RF lens range, with two professional super telephoto primes:

Brand new crop format RF lenses:

And new mirrorless arrivals, such as the:

While the RF mount may not be open to third party designers, Canon is doing their utmost to provide an option for any type of photo and video content.

Canon Adds Affordable Lenses To RF Range

Fujifilm X lenses

One of the great appeals of the X system is the variety of compact and affordable lenses to choose from. 2022 saw plenty of new Fujifilm Fujinon and third party releases, including:


Leica lenses

Leica has a number of well established camera systems and regularly releases compatible lenses for each. For the M system we saw:


Nikon mirrorless lenses

The Z mount has grown steadily with third party releases as well as Nikon Nikkor own brand options:

Third party designers launched the following Z mount options in 2022:

Micro four thirds lenses

We saw a number of new lenses released to complement three new MFT cameras which launched:

Panasonic Leica DG 9mm Lens First Look

Panasonic Lumix lenses for L mount

Panasonic has developed a host of full-frame L mount lenses, with two more released in 2022:

Panasonic 18mm L Mount Lens Review

Sigma lenses

We love Sigma’s brilliant line-up of lenses, which they are busy developing for just about every mirrorless camera mount. Highlights from 2022 include:


Sony mirrorless lenses

Sony had a big year for lens launches, with impressive optics released for the E mount, including full-frame:

And crop sensor lenses:

Tamron lenses

Tamron is going from strength to strength with a host of unique focal length releases for major mirrorless mounts in 2022:


Samyang lenses

Samyang has had a busy 2022 releasing second generation lenses including:

And new models such as the:


DJI video gimbal stabiliser

Top 10 photo and video accessories of the year

From microphones and camera bags to gimbals and memory cards, we’d be stumped without the right accessory to help shoot our photos and videos. A huge variety of amazing accessories launched in 2022 and we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best for you right here.


What we like about it

Rode VideoMicro II microphone

The immensely successful ultra lightweight on-camera microphone entered it’s 2nd generation, with a redesigned body and natural, full-bodied sound.

Zhiyun Weebill 3 gimbal

Video creation often warrants a gimbal and Zhiyun updated their most successful 3-axis stabiliser to great effect in 2022, which we explored in our Zhiyun Weebill 3 Gimbal post.

DJI R3 3 gimbal

DJI are best known for their drones, however the RS 3 Gimbal is so feature-rich it deserves a spot as one of the most important accessory releases of the year. It is lightweight, easy to use and delivers rock solid capabilities.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

At the other end of the spectrum also from DJI, their smartphone stabiliser helps you to create ultra-smooth videos, as well as acting as a mini tripod and art director all in one.

Sony 640GB CFexpress Type A TOUGH Memory Card

While it’s not cheap, Sony’s memory card has a huge capacity for high res images and video, with fast data transfer speeds to boot.

Newell camera batteries

We were so impressed with Newell’s range of camera batteries that we wrote a Newell Camera Batteries Explored blog post, drawing attention to the possibilities of third party chargers, batteries and more.

Lowepro green line camera bags and ProTactic backpacks

We’re all for companies going greener and Lowepro is making huge leaps with lower emission manufacturing and using recycled materials for their camera bags. Read more in our Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks Review here.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 27

We love using a graphics tablet or display to edit photos and Wacom’s latest large screen is a winner, offering eight updated grip-type ExpressKeys and a gorgeous 10-bit 4K screen with 120 Hz refresh rate.

Saramonic Vmic5 Pro Shotgun Mic

To create brilliant video content you need a suitable mic and the Saramonic Vmic5 captures pro-quality audio from a Supercardioid Shotgun design.

Benro Polaris Astro 3-Axis Head

Although a niche accessory, the electric tripod head from Benro is an astro photographers dream. It tracks, has a remote preview, captures panoramas and you can remote control it from a dry location over WiFi/Cellular control.

Global Bird fare Park team

Photo workshops and events in 2022

Aside from new product launches, 2022 saw the return of Wildlife Day, Global Bird Fair and other fantastic photography events throughout the year. We were thrilled to see so many of our customers and leading brands who demonstrated their most popular products, as well as giving talks and training.

Year in Review Video

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the biggest photography and video releases of 2022. We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2023, as well as seeing all of your photos in our competitions and across our social channels.

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