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Manfrotto Tripods

Manfrotto is an Italian brand who’s equipment is manufactured in Cassola, Northern Italy. For decades they have set the benchmark for affordable, diverse tripod designs with a focus on the quality and durability of products that meet the needs of photographers. Park Cameras stock a huge inventory of their support systems, from carbon fibre and aluminium tripods to a multitude of heads including popular video and ball heads.

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Photographers will typically choose a tripod or accessory from Manfrotto because of the breadth of product choice, aggressive pricing as well as the comprehensive features which have been developed across all of their product lines. Combining exceptional value for money with two year and longer warranties (through product registration) ensures an investment into their system will last for many years.

Systems are designed either as a proprietary mounts or as cross compatible with Arca-Swiss style options. Choose the appropriate mounting plate or purchase one of the many kits available throughout the range, suitable for either photography or video support. Kits will typically include everything a photographer needs to simply start shooting from their new tripod system. Namely these include a set of legs, a head of some description and a mounting plate.

Our wide selection of Manfrotto products is second to none, providing customers with a suitable option whether they enjoy making videos, landscapes, cityscapes, portraits or other styles which require a tripod system.

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