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Video Recorders And Monitors

An external video recorder or monitor connects to a digital camera via HDMI and helps videographers with high resolution, detailed HDR or 4K+ screens displaying the video which is being captured. High end models include advanced features such as touchscreen control, zebra patterns and focus peaking. Our comprehensive range caters for enthusiasts and professional videographers with screens from 5” through to fully featured 19” options from all of the industry leading manufacturers.

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Atomos Ninja V Field Monitor

The Atomos Ninja V is a 5.2 inch monitor that records 4Kp60 10bit HDR video direct from your camera 's sensor. The monitor is viewable in daylight thanks to its anti-reflection screen and 1000 nit output.



Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G

Compact 3G-SDI and HDMI Monitor


Sony MCX-500 & rm-30bp Video production switcher kit

Sony MCX-500 & rm-30bp Video production switcher kit


Blackmagic Video Assist 7" 3G LCD Monitor

7" LCD monitor with 3GSDI and HDMI connections


Blackmagic Video Assist 5" 3G LCD Monitor

5" LCD monitor with 3GSDI and HDMI connections




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10 items

External recorders and monitors not only improve visibility for composing scenes, but also assist with capturing better production quality. Many include a broad range of superior codecs with higher bit-rates ultimately resulting in higher movie quality than a camera alone is capable of. Audio tends to be better as well with standard size headphone sockets available to listen to sound capture. When an external monitor is employed battery life will also be extended thanks to the heavy work being removed from the internal camera battery. Our video department includes a broad range of equipment to support movie makers and includes stabilising rigs, external mics and a wealth of other accessories.

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