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Camera & Lens Cleaning

Keeping a camera clean is incredibly important to ensure equipment continues to function optimally. This applies whether you are keeping dust and dirt off your front lens element with a blower and cloth, or you are performing a full sensor clean, (which is one of the services we offer). Browse our comprehensive range of camera cleaning kits to make sure you have got the best tools and equipment for this essential task.

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Your camera equipment including the body and lens will need regular cleaning regardless of whether you have a DSLR or mirrorless system. The more you shoot outdoors, especially in bad weather or near the sea, the more often you should clean your gear. This includes the viewfinder, LCD screen and surrounding mounts, all sockets and connectors as well as the sensor and any lenses. Dirt, rain and dust particles can get everywhere and will cause issues if not regularly maintained.

Park Cameras stock a wide selection of camera cleaning accessories, ranging from blowers for removing larger pieces of dust and dirt, to air duster cans, to lens cleaning cloths, and even full sensor cleaning kits for micro four thirds, APS-C and full-frame sensors. These will include swabs and a spray or bottle of purpose-made cleaning fluid specifically for the task. Ensure you select the right size kit for your sensor as they will have been designed to fit perfectly.

There are some well known brands in this space, which include VisibleDust, Lenspen and Spudz, and we also carry ZEISS, Kenro and other leading manufacturers. Whatever your camera system we will have the perfect solution to keeping your camera and lens clean and fully operational. You might also want to consider a camera rain cover if you shoot where water is abundant or a screen protector to keep your LCD spick and span.

Browse our complete selection of camera accessories online or call our customer service team on 01444 237070 with any questions or compatibility issues. You can also email for any advice at any time.

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