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Mini Tripods

Mini tripods provide an ideal solution to keeping your camera secure and rock steady when you don’t want to carry a larger tripod with you. These table-top sized tripods are capable of supporting any camera from a phone to a professional DSLR and fold up to an incredibly small size. Our selection spans models which are perfect for anyone from Vloggers to pros, and are storable in a camera bag or coat pocket.

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If you’re a Vlogger or Blogger, a mini tripod is the go-to mount to let you hold your camera at arm’s length without holding the actual camera itself. Professional vloggers love these small tripods that they mean they can put the camera down and film any scene, anywhere, even in confined spaces. Mini tripods are perfect for compact cameras or small mirrorless cameras. Joby Gorillapod currently have the largest range of mini and table-top tripods and are packed with various compelling features. These include the ability to mount various types of camera (including smartphones) as well as wind the legs around objects such as a lamp post or fence. 

We carry a large selection of mini and compact tripods to choose between, from Manfrotto and Gitzo who provide sturdy models which can support up to 20kg and include a levelling base, to lightweight versatile options from just about every tripod manufacturer on the market, including Canon and Leica.

Part of the appeal for mini tripods is the ability to shoot at lower speeds virtually anywhere. Travel photographers benefit thanks to being able to set-up a shot to capture cityscapes from a bridge or from a hotel balcony, to landscape scenes from the roof of a hire car. Whichever style you enjoy, or level of photographer you are, a mini tripod makes an excellent solution or a second tripod option. Many camera backpacks have attachments on the exterior of the bag to quickly access your camera support too.

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Events at Park Cameras

Throughout the year, Park Cameras hold and attend a range of events. For photographers currently stuck indoors, as opposed to our events that are traditionally held in store or on the road, we are currently working on a range of events that can be held in the comfort and safety of your own home. In these uncertain times, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with your camera, and hopefully we can help achieve this. Find out more

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