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Nikon Lenses

Nikon was formed in 1917 combining a number of optical manufacturers under one new company. With 100 years of experience, it is no surprise NIKKOR lenses have been used by millions of photographers of all levels throughout the years. As a Nikon PRO Dealer Park Cameras offers only guaranteed UK stock, with the entire range of options available. This includes F mount DSLR lenses in both FX and DX formats (full-frame and crop), through to the newest mirrorless Z mount lenses, with highly acclaimed ’S’ Series models.

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Save 40% on Capture One pro 21
Save 40% on Capture One pro 21
Save 40% on Capture One pro 21
141 items Page 1 of 6

The line-up includes every conceivable focal width, with a number of prime, zoom and telephoto options to suit all forms of photography and videography. Specialised options span close-up macro photography, special ultra-wide Fish-Eye and even four architectural tilt-shift lenses. A number of teleconverters have been designed to extend super telephoto lenses increasing focal ranges by 1.4x and 2.0x. Whichever style of photography our customers enjoy, there is without a doubt a suitable high quality NIKKOR option available.

Technology advancements in optics more recently include the wide lens aperture in the form of the Z-Mount. Acclaimed S-Line lenses in particular provide some of the sharpest and highest resolution optics on test and are ideal mounted on the equally impressive Z mirrorless cameras. Z mount lenses have also been developed to capitalise on high quality video recording. Optics specifically ensure smooth, quiet operation with minimal focus breathing. Smooth diaphragm control and a customisable control ring ensure video creators will love the new systems.

For fast paced action, sports and wildlife photographers praise the Rear Focusing (RF) system, which delivers autofocus operations which are both smoother and faster.

A number of special glass elements are included in advanced designs. These improve image quality with ED glass, Aspherical elements and coatings such as proprietary Nano Crystal Coat which dramatically reduces ghosting and flare. NIKKOR’s front element fluorine coat also provides users with a robust coating which repels dust, water, grease and dirt.

Enjoy 30 minutes of your time by watching the informative video on Petapixel by Ken Rockwell which outlines 100 years of Nikon Lens history.

For customers who wish to expand their lens collection without the expense of a new model, we provide tested and warrantied used Nikon lenses, together with a host of filters and accessories to replace any broken or lost parts.

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