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Flash Diffusers

Flash diffusers are designed to give a soft light from your flashgun and are available in a wide range of styles and types, all made for different purposes. A standard flash diffuser for a Canon Speedlite, Nikon Speedlight or Metz flash unit will fit over the flash head to soften and disperse the raw light. This gives you a much softer and diffused light with softer shadows – normally a preferred option for shooting portraits with off-camera flash.

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24 items

Amongst the range of diffusers available at Park Cameras are coloured filter sets, barn doors, and flashgun grid and honeycombs that can all be used to create the perfect lighting for your shot. These accessories are brand independent and work with any flashgun model you have, including third party options. Kits are also available from beginner to professional level, providing everything you need to start shaping and diffusing light.

A light stand is another useful accessory to consider when lighting your subject from off camera. These provide the option to be entirely hands-free, acting as an assistant to support extra heads and receivers. A light meter can also speed up the process of artifical lighting by giving a precise exposure reading, reducing the number of incorrectly lit shots. This may be particularly useful when working with models in the studio or on location.

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