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Cine Lenses

Cine lenses or cinema lenses are high quality optics designed primarily to be used with capturing video and movies on video camcorders, cinema cameras, mirrorless cameras and DSLR's. Cine lenses differ from photography lenses in several important ways. Rather than f-stops they use t-stops for smoother transitions between apertures, they come with manual aperture rings, and they all come fitted with follow focus gears around the focus and aperture rings for use with follow focus systems. Browse our extensive range of professional quality 4K+ lenses here, ideal for video productions from Youtube to features and documentaries.

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Additionally, multiple lenses will be built to the same size so they can be interchanged in a ‘follow-focus’ system without readjusting the mechanism. Zoom lenses are also parfocal, meaning they maintain focus through the zoom range, whereas still lenses are vari-focal and will lose the focus when zooming. Focus is smoother and more accurate than with a regular lens, allowing for smooth transitions and fine adjustments. Capture quality improves as camera bodies are able to capture higher resolution movies. 4K, 6K and even 8K or higher resolving power is no match for many models. Videographers will often employ other devices such as gimbals and stabilisers for hand-held movie capture to ensure the smoothest possible recording.

Features specific to cinematic capture are employed by the brands we carry, which include Canon CN, Samyang Xeen and Schneider Xenon in ranges for every sensor type including micro four thirds. Entire kits are also available which allow photographers embarking on video to purchase all focal lengths at one time.

Browse our range of video specific options online, or visit us in store at either of our stores to see them for yourself and get hands-on. Our used video selection also features fully warrantied optics and camcorders for video production.

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