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Bridge Cameras

At Park Cameras we offer a wide range of bridge cameras from major manufacturers including Nikon, Panasonic Lumix, Sony and Canon. A Bridge Camera is a digital camera that bridges the gap between conventional compact digital cameras and full blown DSLR cameras. They usually feature a substantial hand-grip and a wide-ranging zoom lens, making them highly versatile yet simple to use.

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Save 40% on Capture One Pro 23
8 items

The latest bridge cameras tend to have larger image sensors at up to 1 2/3 inches, which offer strong high ISO performance and image quality. Easy to use features may include a built-in flash, image stabilisation and high quality video modes at up to 4K resolution. Digital bridge cameras are ideal for getting most features you’ll find in a DSLR camera but in a more compact, lightweight and affordable package. They feature built in lenses and auto settings so they’re quick and easy to use and get to know.

Aside from being compact and easy to use, one of the other major advantages of a bridge camera is the impressive optical zoom capability. Many sport ‘superzooms’ today, with ranges from 24-3000mm within a single lens. This provides far more versatile shooting that any interchangeable lens system and lends itself to travel, holidays and overall convenience. Typically they will also tend to be far more cost effective than interchangeable systems, particularly when you take into account the need for only one lens.

Consider a bridge camera if you enjoy photography with the convenience of an easy to use system, one single lens which will cover all of the distances you will ever need and enjoy lighter, more compact equipment. Adding a shoulder bag, memory card and mini tripod will create a complete system with everything you need to head out and enjoy a photography hobby.

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