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XQD Cards

Buy XQD cards online with Park Cameras at some of the most competitive prices in the UK. XQD memory cards were first developed in 2010 by SanDisk, Sony and Nikon to utilise the faster PCI Express interface. They have been designed for use in professional grade DSLR and mirrorless cameras due to their higher read and write speeds than other memory card types, including the similar SD type.

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Sony 120GB XQD Card 440mb/s Read 400mb/s

Sony 120GB XQD Card 440mb/s Read 400mb/s Write QDG120F


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Sony 240GB XQD Card 440mb/s Read 400mb/s

Sony 240GB XQD Card 440mb/s Read 400mb/s Write QDG240F


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4 items

XQD is the latest and newest memory card format to be developed and is increasingly being used by more and more camera manufacturers. In particular they are used for professional video cameras which are capable of shooting 4K and even 8K video and need to write this data quickly to the memory card. With read and write speeds in the region of 400MB/s data will keep up with high bandwidth requirements and delay the camera from showing a ‘buffer full’ notification. Many manufacturers will now utilise one high speed slot and one regular speed slot for maximum flexibility.

We have a comprehensive range of XQD memory cards from Sony available in store & online at Park Cameras. These provide 1.5x more capture of RAW images when compared with some of the fastest compact flash cards. They are also remarkably robust, able to withstand extreme situations which photographers sometimes operate in. Sony models are shockproof, magnet proof, anti-static and resistant to breakage, as well as being airport X-ray safe.

You might consider a compatible high speed memory card reader and a memory card wallet to organise and transfer data quickly and securely. Bottlenecks in data transfer appear when photographers use old or incompatible readers to transfer data after shooting.

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