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Velbon Tripods

Velbon is a well-established Japanese manufacturer with over 65 years of experience designing innovative tripods, monopods, tripod heads, plates and accessories. The Velbon tripod range is known by photographers across the world as an affordable and trusted camera support, with models for both photography and videography. The range is available as legs-only and kits, which include a ball head or fluid head and quick release plate.

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Velbon tripods are designed in a wide range of affordable options and are made from either lightweight carbon fibre or sturdy aluminium. Discover the perfect tripod available as photo and video kits, which are suited to beginner and enthusiast creators. The tripod range includes popular models for every subject imaginable, including landscapes, macro and bird watching, to travel tripods and complete kits with fluid video heads for moviemakers.

Popular Velbon tripod ranges include Sherpa, Ultrek and Videomate, with innovative features aimed at specific uses, such as reverse folding legs for compact travel and braced aluminium legs for stability when recording videos.

The M45 Tripod with 3-Way Head is a great starting point for beginners, which offers independent panning, tilting and vertical movement. For more advanced photographers the Sherpa 200R Tripod kit includes a PH157Q Head for easy compositions, fine adjustment and stability with up to 3kg payload.

Browse a selection of Velbon monopods with unique features to support camera equipment when shooting sports, action and wildlife with longer lenses, or as a walk-around support for all-day photography. Choose the Ultra Stick Super 8 for loads up to 3kg and the RUP-L40 Monopod which weighs just 360g.

A wide range of accessories are available to complement your tripod, which include camera sliders, tripod dolly, tripod heads and numerous quick release plates. These maximise specific shooting situations with features to get the most out of your equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Velbon tripods any good?

Are Velbon tripods any good?

Velbon tripods are good for lighter equipment loads and are available in a range of options for photography or videography. These include cost-effective tripods, which are suitable for beginners and enthusiast creators who shoot less frequently but still enjoy practical features, which are found across the range.

Where are Velbon tripods made?

Where are Velbon tripods made?

Velbon tripods are made in three manufacturing locations, which are based in Myanmar, China and Yamanashi, Japan.

How do you use a Velbon tripod?

How do you use a Velbon tripod?

You use a Velbon tripod by screwing a tripod plate into the base of your camera body. This slides into the included pan head or ball head. The tripod legs can be extended by releasing leg locks which are then tightened when reaching the desired height for your shot.

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