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Tripod Ball Heads

By far the largest range of tripod heads we offer is the centre ball head design. This is down to the fact so many models are available to suit a huge range of budgets and weight tolerances. Other favourable attributes are that they are particularly flexible and quick to adjust, highly durable and often very compact and lightweight. These characteristics suit a wide range of photography styles, including lightweight travel, landscape, architectural and of course portraits or weddings. We stock numerous options from world leading manufacturers with every possible feature that are ideal for photographers of all skill levels and to suit any budget.

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Why Choose A Ball Head Over Other Designs?

Every set of tripod legs needs a head of some description. Many photographers shoot more than one style of photography, whether that is portraits and landscapes or cityscapes and night scenes. A ball head offers the most flexible support for any camera system, and is versatile, lightweight and still delivers a high degree of control to find the perfect shooting angle. A few simple accessories such as an L bracket or quick release plate (which many models come with) gives users even quicker and more efficient control.

Outdoor photographers will tend to opt for a ball head because they are compact and lightweight, perfect for carrying on a camera backpack on hikes and travels. Despite being smaller and lighter than other designs, ball heads still offer excellent load capacities, suitable for longer lenses and heavier cameras. 

How to Choose The Best Ball Head?

A number of features will help photographers to decide on the perfect model for their needs. Firstly the weight allowance is probably the most vital choice to make. Use the manufacturer weight information (which we provide for each product) for the most common body and lens combination which will be used. For example a DSLR with 70-200mm lens may require an allowance of 8kg. or more. Choosing the right load capacity ensures the head will remain stable in various angles and not slip or change positions.

Other features to look out for include the number of control knobs or levers. More control equals more precision when composing, but also adds more weight and longer times to set up.

For photographers who travel, a lighter or low profile head may be most suitable, particularly if they employ a single lightweight lens whilst away.

Quick locking levers are preferred by some photographers, whereas others may prefer screw-in knobs. Compatibility with a plate is essential, with some manufacturers such as Manfrotto offering certain models with proprietary connections. Other leading brands such as Gitzo and 3 Legged Thing provide the common Arca-Swiss style connection. Whichever is chosen, the plate can be swapped at a later stage or changed if a new tripod is purchased.

Shop our huge range online and for any photographers who might need more information simply contact our helpful telephone team or visit one of our stores for a personal demonstration.

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