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Sony E Mount Cine Lenses

Sony mirrorless cameras are capable of capturing excellent quality movies and are used by enthusiasts and professionals for all types of video content creation. Sony cine lenses have been developed for advanced amateur and professional videographers and are fully compatible with E-mount cameras. The two lens brands we currently stock are from independent manufacturers; Samyang and Schneider.

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Samyang Pricedrop Free Samyang Lens Station worth £61
Free Samyang Lens Station worth £61 Samyang Pricedrop
Samyang Pricedrop Free Samyang Lens Station worth £61
Samyang Pricedrop Free Samyang Lens Station worth £61
16 items

Specific movie-making features set these apart from regular E-mount lenses. These features include marked focus distance scales for manual focussing, iris rings with T-stop markings (rather than aperture scales) and connections for follow-focus systems.

Samyang cine lenses for E-mount cameras are incredible quality cinema lenses for professional use. Filmmaking, documentary and advertising are some of the uses employed by our customers. Schneider options also deliver outstanding quality with exceptional movie results. Various models support different functions but all are designed for high resolution requirements which 4K and higher video capture requires. The speed of the lens denotes the ability to isolate the main subject and record in low light. Most models are fixed focal length primes for this reason, with comprehensive focal widths from ultra-wide to short telephoto. Zoom lenses are fairly uncommon in cinematography although they are gaining popularity as focus motors become more advanced.

Sony Alpha Universe have posted a series of excellent video recording tutorials, from filmmaker Den Lennie, outlining how to get the best footage from your camera. The possibilities are limitless for photographers entering this growingly popular genre of video making.

If you have any questions or would like to try any cine lens for yourself, visit our London camera store or our Burgess Hill store where you can try and test equipment before you buy.

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