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Canon mirrorless camera lenses

Canon produce a range of high quality mirrorless RF lenses for the full-frame EOS R mirrorless system as well as for the highly popular crop sensor EOS-M series of cameras; with compatible EF-M lenses. These have been developed to provide the finest optical performance in a lightweight, highly portable series, designed to capitalise on the benefits which their mirrorless cameras present.

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The RF mount has a flange distance between the rear glass element and the sensor of just 20mm, compared to 44mm for their EF mount lenses for DSLRs. This has allowed for a completely new design, which improves image quality against the lens size ratio, resulting in high quality compact and lightweight models being produced.

As of 2020 there are 15 native RF lenses spanning all focal widths from ultra-wide angles at 15mm to highly effective (and world’s lightest) 600mm and 800mm super telephotos. These models offer class-leading optical stabilisation with up to 8EV stops of compensation (when mounted on the latest EOS R5 and R6 bodies).

With a number of prime and zoom options available, photographers and videographers can find the perfect match for any type of content creation. Focal widths cover genres from street and portraits, landscape and macro on to sports, wildlife and more.

The shorter flange of the EOS R system is an important factor as it has enabled Canon to go back to the drawing board with their optical designs. The result is a range of wide aperture lenses which are perfect for low light shooting and support the incredible autofocus on the mirrorless EOS R System.

Designs for M series cameras also span all focal lengths and include a number of specialised options, such as macro and fish-eye. The newer RF series have innovative features such as lens barrel control buttons, advanced AF motors and class-leading built-in optical stabilisation. The roadmap is exciting for mirrorless users of either system and photographers are continually impressed with the options becoming available.

As a Canon EOS Pro Partner our customers can choose from a comprehensive catalogue spanning all lens accessories, drop in filters as well as teleconverters for their mirrorless systems. Adaptors are also available to convert existing EF and EF-S lenses to be used with mirrorless bodies for existing Canon photographers. Second hand lenses can also be found in our used department. All are available with a six month UK warranty and are fully tested prior to sale.

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