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CFast memory cards are based on Compact Flash and provide photographers and videographers with faster read/write speeds for burst shooting and 4K+ video. They are capable of extremely quick write speeds at around 450MB/s and read speeds of up to around 525MB/s. This allows them to also tackle high resolution data capture and transfer with ease. We stock brands known for their reliability, such as Angelbird, Sandisk, Lexar and Sony, which deliver capacities between 128GB and 256GB. Buy them here and enjoy free delivery over £50 together with exemplary after sales care.

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Rather than using the Parallel ATA bus found in CompactFlash cards, CFast cards use the faster Serial ATA (SATA) bus. Solid state memory is the most reliable type currently on the market and is also found in high end portable hard drives and computers.

The format is however not backwards compatible, which means photographers can only use these if their camera supports them. If you are unsure check your camera manual or contact our helpful team for confirmation.

Due to their faster data write speeds, these memory cards are used by many high-end, high-resolution professional video and broadcast cameras as well as camcorders and other data hungry devices.

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