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Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripods

Carbon fibre tripods are favoured by photographers and video creators who require the lightest and sturdiest strength to weight ratio possible. Manfrotto has an extensive history in designing highly successful carbon tripod systems to support the entire breadth of camera equipment available, from heavyweight DSLR’s with telephoto lenses to compact mirrorless systems. Browse the entire range of options with Park Cameras, for compact models ideal for travel and hiking to sturdy, heavyweight studio set-ups.

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Much like their aluminium counterparts, carbon models are available in a range of kits, which include a tripod head, or as legs-only for photographers who already have, or wish to choose a different option.

The range varies with three, four and five sections which allow the legs to be stowed in a variety of compact ways. Travel systems will generally have more leg sections, which in turn makes them shorter when extended or contracted. These are typically favoured by photographers who travel, hike and generally want a lighter set-up.

Legs with fewer sections will be longer when extended as well as when stored away. Fewer leg sections make for a more stable shooting platform, ideal for longer lenses or heavier equipment in general.

A number of models in the range are available in kit form specifically for video and movie making, being paired with fluid heads. These serve videographers with the lightest materials for sturdy all-in-one solutions to capturing video whilst on the move. Geared tripods are also available for precise control with accurate fluid movements generally associated with architectural and other involved styles of photography.

Whichever model is being considered, customers should ensure the weight tolerance is adequate for their particular needs. Most models will support a great range of equipment in even the harshest conditions, but it is worth checking weight allowances prior to purchase to enjoy a system which offers a lifetime of support.

Manfrotto also produces a number of tripod accessories, camera bags and monopods for photographers who need even lighter supports for bird photography or sports.

Contact us with any questions and visit our stores to browse products in person and to check our daily updated stock of used tripods and heads.

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