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Fujifilm X mount lenses are designed to perfectly complement X Series mirrorless cameras. These offer a shorter back focus than other brands, which is the defining feature of X Mount lens designs. With the 1.5 crop size sensor, X lenses are compact, lightweight and portable, offering distinct advantages, whilst still delivering exceptional quality, thanks to Fujifilm’s extensive optics history.

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X mount lenses are designed specifically to make the most out of the mirrorless camera design and have a short flange distance of only 17.7mm. This means the rear elements of the lens are as close as possible to the imaging sensor. The wide opening allows the lens to be mounted deeper within the body – up to 7.5mm from the mount surface – reducing the back-focus distance of each lens to the minimum possible, therefore achieving high resolution all the way to the edge of the image.

Generally anyone new to this system inevitably praises the compact size and weight, together with Fujifilm’s beautiful colour science and high quality results for both video and stills images. X series photographers have a huge range of lens options available, from primes to telephoto zooms and everything in between.

As a Fujifilm Pro Dealer, Park Cameras offer all available XF lenses as well as a growing range of Samyang and ZEISS compatible options. We also carry cine lenses for Fujifilm, also made by Samyang. Browse our comprehensive range of lens accessories, with caps, hoods and more. Many photographers also elect to use filters. The most popular filters include circular polarisers and landscape specific ND filters. These are all designed for specific purposes and compliment a lens, drawing out the best quality in different circumstances.

If you’d like to get hands on with Fuji lenses or Fujifilm X series compact system cameras, visit our Central London camera store or our store at Burgess Hill to see them for yourself.

View Fujiifilm X series lens roadmap here, showing the breadth and development lens lineup.

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