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Camera flashguns are essential pieces of equipment for many types of photography. Also known as a speedlight, they are traditionally used for adding portable lighting during weddings, event and portrait photography. They will also be used for certain specialised genres such as macro, interiors and wildlife for example. Off camera flash is extremely popular as it provides unparalleled control of lighting, together with highly creative opportunities. As PRO dealers for most manufacturers our stock covers all popular models for virtually any camera.

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A camera flash is a small, portable unit that produces a burst of artificial light at a temperature of around 5500K. They are designed for portability and used to illuminate rooms, a specific subject or dark scenes. All models are much more powerful than the camera’s own pop-up version. They can be used either attached to a camera hotshoe or taken off-camera by using a remote trigger or, in some cases, a cameras’ built-in remote system. Try a light stand when you shoot off-camera as this will allow you to position the light source exactly at the right height where you want it.

Many ‘strobist' photographers as they are known, will use light modifiers in their set-up which includes compact diffusers and soft boxes. This helps to control the light, avoiding sharp contrast by providing a softer source. We would recommend David Hobby’s website if you are interested in experimenting with advanced off camera lighting.

When choosing a model bear in mind that units are generally brand-specific, which means a Nikon unit is only fully compatible with a Nikon camera and a Canon fit flash will only work with a Canon camera. However, there we also carry reliable third-party manufacturers such as Nissin and Metz who make variants for all brands.

At Park Cameras we have an extensive range available, from small units for mirrorless or compact cameras, to full size professional Speedlites for reliable and regular use, to ring-flash units for creative image making. Whether you use a Fujifilm, Leica or Olympus we have the perfect lighting solution for you.

Portable flash units can also be used with a range of coloured gels, flash brackets, and other accessories. We do also receive used flashguns. These are all tested and checked prior to sale and come with a six month warranty.

Our range of flash guns are available to buy online or in store at either our London showroom or Burgess Hill showroom.

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