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Light Meters

A camera light meter provides an exact exposure measurement, informing the photographer of precisely what shutter speed and aperture they should use for any given scene. Employed by studio, portrait, product and fashion photographers, many beginners and enthusiasts are missing out on this essential piece of hand-held equipment. They are crucial for some, yet are often forgotten for others shooting digitally, but can make the difference between a professional looking or average image.

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A light meter offers a reading based on grey point, which is how an internal camera meter also works.It will not only provide the correct exposure, but also save time as photographer will get the exposure correct the first time rather than through trial and error.

For studio photography light meters are essential as they guide photographers as to which settings their cameras and studio lights should be at. However many outdoor photographers also use a light meter to gauge fast changing scenes, capture accurate white balance and expose for the highlights. Meters are ideal when using a filter system such as LEE as the bright sky and dark ground can be independently metered, helping to decide on which ND graduated filter which will be required.

There is a tendency to rely on digital cameras’ built-in meter, and while they are far more accurate than they used to be, many photographers could still benefit from the increased accuracy and reliability of using a dedicated light meter. Sekonik is the de-facto name associated with accurate light metering and we provide a comprehensive range of their products, including grey cards and profile targets. Read the guide to using a light meter on the Exposure Guide website, which will help understand the basics if you are just starting out.

Whether checking ambient or flashgun light, inside a studio or outdoors in natural light, whether using incident or reflected metering, there is a wide selection of light meters available at Park Cameras for photographers of any experience level.

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