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ND Filters

Neutral Density filters (ND filters) are used in photography and videography to reduce or balance the overall amount of light entering the camera through the lens. There are two main styles available; screw-in which are threaded onto the lens, or square/rectangular which are mounted on a filter holder. Both systems have their own uses and benefits. Aside from the style, there are different types of ND filter; graduated, solid and variable, in glass and resin versions. Park Cameras stock a comprehensive range all available online and in-store.

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Variable ND filters are used for two purposes. Firstly for cinematography when the light is too bright to record at the correct frame rate and secondly in stills photography they are used to slow the shutter down. This might be to create a long exposure for moving clouds or water. The variable nature denotes the amount of stops of light the filter will reduce. These will change by rotating the filter on the end of the lens where it is threaded.

Solid ND filters are primarily used in long exposure photography, but are useful for videography too. Again, these are solid filled glass or resin squares which reduce the amount of light entering a lens. This creates a slower shutter speed with associated results.

Finally the graduated neutral density filter is available solely in rectangular form, for smaller rangefinder systems or mirrorless and DSLR systems. A graduated ND is clear on one half and gradually fades to darker on the other. These are used to balance high dynamic scenes typically found in landscape photography where the sky is brighter than the ground below. Graduated versions come in different strengths or stops of light.

LEE filters are one of the prominent innovators of this technology and have a collection of informative videos featuring neutral density filters ambassador Joe Cornish on their website here.

On the whole, ND filters don’t affect the hue or colour rendition of the image as the intensity of all wavelengths of light is affected equally. Any colour cast can easily be removed with white balance in post production using photo editing software such as Capture One.

Shop from our collection of leading brand manufacturers such as: Hoya, LEE filters, B+W, and Tiffen.

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