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Video Tripods

Video tripods differ from their still photography counterparts in several ways. When buying a video tripod the primary consideration is what equipment will it be supporting. Tripods for video vary in their weight carrying capacity and both the legs and head have individual weight capacity limits. If your camera and lens setup is too heavy, it could potentially damage the head or legs, so it is essential to consider weight limits from the outset.

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Another important consideration for which model to buy, is which kind of video head you will need. If you capture panning and motion video then a 3 way head will offer the smoothest movement. Many of our video tripods come with heads combined in a kit package.

For heavier loads such as required for professional camcorders, models are designed with horizontal spreaders, either on the base of the tripod or half way up. These provide extra torsional stability whilst improving weight capacity and are recommended for heavier equipment loads.

There is a useful article on the Videomaker website which outlines the techniques employed for using video specific tripods. There are tips for getting the most from a purchase and why photographers benefit from a movie-specific option.

At Park Cameras we stock a huge range of tripods for moviemaking as well as accessories from leading manufacturers including Manfrotto, Gitzo, and 3 Legged Thing. A substitute or secondary option which is also used in videography is a personal stabiliser or gimbal. These will allow more movement when recording, but rely on the photographer for stability.

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