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Leica TL Mount Mirrorless Lenses

Leica TL Lenses are designed and built to the highest standards, exclusively for Leica TL and CL Series of mirrorless digital cameras. The quality and depth of tone from TL mount lenses is unmatched, delivering unique image quality, which Leica photographs are known for the world over. Three lens types are available in the TL range, with TL-Primes, TL-Varios and the L-Adapter.

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The Leica TL Lens range is defined by three categories, all of which include Leica’s impeccable optical designs, creating some of the best lenses in their class. TL lenses offer the fastest and quietest autofocus systems made by Leica, for discreet and refined AF in any situation.


Leica TL-Primes are made to be compact and fast, with unmistakeable bokeh and are suitable for all types of photography where a bright aperture is considered essential. Photographers use these for creative depth of field, to separate their subject for street photography, portraits and many more genres. Prime models include Summilux, Summicron and Elmarit options, while a 60mm macro with four aspherical elements tops off this range of standard focal width prime lenses.


Leica TL-Varios are zoom lenses, which are ideal when photographing in situations where it is difficult to compose by moving closer or further from the subject. Choose from 17mm to 200mm focal widths, which meets the needs of a wide range of subjects, from landscape to travel, architecture and wildlife.


The Leica L-Adapter allows you to mount M-Lenses onto your mirrorless body, which is ideal for Rangefinder users who have existing lenses.

Choosing the perfect Leica lens is an essential decision for your creativity and as an official Leica stockist we only offer products for the UK market. Our customers also benefit from award winning customer service and free delivery on orders over £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Lenses Fit the Leica TL?

What Lenses Fit the Leica TL?

Leica designs TL-Primes and TL-Varios, which all fit the Leica TL. The range includes several Summilux, Summicron and Elmarit lenses, all of which provide photographers with extremely high quality optics, fast AF systems and highly desirable results with exclusive Leica styling.

Do TL lenses work on SL?

Do TL lenses work on SL?

Yes, TL lenses work perfectly well on SL cameras as they share the same L mount bayonet fitting. TL lenses have an APS-C sized image circle, which requires that a full-frame SL camera is set to APS mode, which will use the centre of the sensor area.

Are Leica TL lenses crop format?

Are Leica TL lenses crop format?

Yes, Leica TL lenses are crop format, with an APS-C image circle. When mounted on a full-frame body, a TL lens will cause the camera to use crop mode, which corresponds to APS-C lens coverage. Resolution will be reduced to an APS-C equivalent resolution.

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