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Flashgun Accessories

Photographers who use artificial lighting with off-camera flash find it to be an immensely rewarding aspect of their photography. Using strobes or flashguns presents a range of creative opportunities within almost any field, from portraits to interiors. Flash accessories can further improve finished images by adding another layer of creativity, with highly accomplished and unique photographs as a result. Browse our comprehensive range of accessories which are compatible with camera manufactures own brand equipment as well as third party options.

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Depending on the desired results, there are many choices available to a photographer when it comes to manipulating artificial lighting. The light can be coloured by adding a coloured gel which changes the entire mood of the image by adjusting the subject or background. A diffuser can be added to soften harsh direct light, which is vital when capturing portraits by negating hard shadows. Mounting a strobe away from the camera to trigger with a remote triggering system creates many opportunities for unique lighting styles, as does bouncing light around with collapsible reflectors. Other options include softening light from the flash with a softbox and all are secured with a suitable bracket.

At Park Cameras we have an extensive range of accessories for flashguns which can help to take images to the next level. Shop securely online for free home delivery over £50 or visit our stores in our London or Burgess Hill.

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