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As photographers and videographers pursue more capable and higher resolution cameras, our computer monitors are sometimes overlooked. When editing images and videos, a well colour calibrated high quality monitor ensures we see all of the detail and accurate vibrant colours which camera sensors are capable of recording. Park Cameras provide a selection of highly regarded monitors suitable for various budgets, which deliver bright, vivid viewing for post processing as well as other more standard computer tasks.

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Which Monitor Features Are Best For Photo Editing?

Editing photographs in particular requires accurate colour and high resolution at a minimum brightness.


Colour will be displayed in RGB and the wider the colour ‘gamut’ the more colours will appear on the screen. Adobe RGB is the standard and measurements will often be provided as the percentage of Adobe RGB which can be reproduced. Look for 95% or above for the most accurate colour reproduction available.

Many high end monitors will also self-calibrate, which means colour accuracy is handled automatically which is a breeze and well worth the extra investment. Bit depth should correspond at minimum with the images captured on your camera. 10 bit is becoming more common today and will allow for greater colour depth and tonal variation using lookup tables.


Monitor resolution should be as high as budgets allow according to the screen size. For video editing 4K or above is ideal and for photography the higher the resolution the better as more detail will be shown. Screen size plays a part together with resolution with widescreen being a popular format. This allows editing palettes to be displayed next to images or videos for more screen real estate. The more editing is done, the more we appreciate a larger screen.


A brighter monitor will obviously display a brighter image. This should be consistent across all pixels and from various viewing angles. Some monitors will accept a hood which helps to block bright ambient light.

All of these features become particularly prevalent when using a photo printer and colour consistency becomes highly desirable.

Any of these models available here will make a great start for photographers. This is a vast subject however and for those interested we recommend reading the excellent post on Breathing Color for more information on selecting a monitor for photo editing. Browse our hardware department for more tools to achieve the best results from your image making.

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