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Conversion Lenses

Conversion lenses are designed to fit on to the end of an existing lens and change the way that lens behaves. For example, a teleconverter will adapt the lens to a longer telephoto lens, and a wide-angle converter will transform it into a wide-angle lens.

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There are many different types, sizes, and lengths of conversion lenses available for a wide variety of digital cameras and many are used for interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras.

As new mirrorless options are released, often with shorter and wider flange measurements, manufacturers will design a converter which allows the photographer to mount a DSLR lens onto the mirrorless body. Both Canon and Nikon have released popular converters for Z-mount to F mount and RF mount to EF mount. Anyone with a back catalogue of DSLR lenses will appreciate the ability to continue using them with a new shorter mirrorless mount. Similarly users of Leica cameras often keep their body for decades and a range of converters are available to mix and match lenses between systems.

Browse our range of conversion lenses for all makes including wide-angle and fish-eye converters online, or pop into either our Central London camera store or our photographic showroom in Burgess Hill to see them for yourself and try out whether they will work for your style of photography.

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