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3 Way Tripod Head

One of the more traditional tripod heads we offer is the popular 3 way head design. These offer a high degree of precision and control for positioning the camera across three axes and serve to help photographers achieve a highly precise shooting angle. These are often used in the studio, for landscape or macro thanks to the pan and tilt ability, with up, down and side to side tilt capabilities. Our range includes models from the best known brands suitable for all budgets, together with advanced geared heads which provide the smoothest fluid control.

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Save 50% on Manfrotto Quick release
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Despite being a traditional system, tilt and panning innovations are still being made on a regular basis by some of the leading manufacturers. These include unique 3D manoeuvrability which allow photographers to gain the most precise shooting degree achievable. Customers who enjoy a methodical approach to composition find that these excel at delivering despite not being the quickest to operate, nor the lightest tripod heads available. This is why macro photographers in particular are drawn to these, where even the most minute adjustment can make a huge difference to what is captured in the frame. We recommend using a suitably sturdy set of legs to keep any unwanted movement to an absolute minimum when using one of these options.

Why not browse our compatible plates for alternate connections including versatile L brackets as well as our range of lightweight carbon fibre tripods and accessories to complement any purchase.

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