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Polarising Filters

A polarising filter, CPL or circular polariser as they are also known, are one of the most widely used lens filters in outdoor photography. They are used for several purposes such as to darken blue skies, manage reflections and to reduce glare from wet surfaces including rivers and lakes. Polarisers are screwed on to the threaded front of a lens and rotated to adjust the light filtering effect. As with all screw-in filters you must select the correct size diameter for your particular lens. This diameter measured in millimetres can usually be found near the front element.

Find the ideal solution in our comprehensive range, which provides photographers of any skill level with the right CPL for their optics.

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Benro SHD 82mm Circular Polariser Filter

Benro SHD Filter Circular Polariser 82mm – A Benro CPL designed specifically for the patented FH100M2 series Filter Holder System. Reduce unwanted reflections







Benro Master 95mm Circular Polariser Filter

The Benro Master CPL 95mm fr FH100M2B/V1 – a circular polariser designed specifically for the patented FH100M2B series




H&Y 95mm ND65000 CPL 16-s for K-Series

H&Y 95mm ND65000 CPL Filter (16-stop) for K-Series Holder


Sony Drop-In Circular Polariser for 400F28GM

Designed to fit the Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master Super Telephoto lens, this drop-in Circular Polariser lets you rotate to achieve the desired polarization while installed in the lens.


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A polarising filter will work with most camera systems and are not brand specific in any way. They range in price and quality from inexpensive entry level to professional-grade options. The defining factors include the amount of light which will enter the lens, which is referred to as light transmission, to the coatings on the filter which keep it clean and grease-free. The more light which enters the lens the better on the whole, as the shutter speed will be less affected. Polarisers will generally decrease light transmission by an EV stop down to two or three stops.

Rotating the filter whilst viewing the image through the LCD or viewfinder will demonstrate the effect in action. If used at the correct angle, blues skies will become bluer, reflections from wet leaves or rocks will disappear and the surface of water will become completely translucent rather than showing all manor of reflections. For these reasons landscape photographers in particular will always have at least one in their camera backpack.

It is always a good idea to keep your filters clean with a cleaning accessory and this stands true with CPL’s. A filter which has water spots, dust or other grime will sometimes degrade the final image, and can show as minor softening or blur in the photograph.

Cambridge in Colour is an excellent resource for the science behind photography and have a brilliant article on polarising filters which you can read here.

Polarisers are perfect for any type of lens and camera combination including DSLR, mirrorless and medium format cameras. Our inventory covers leading companies such as B+W, Hoya and Sigma as well as camera manufacturer own options from Canon, Leica, Nikon and Panasonic Lumix.

Why not browse our extensive selection of all types of lens filters from leading brands including Hoya, LEE, Tiffen and Cokin.

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