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Billingham Bags

The history of British company Billingham dates back to 1973 when they came up with their first highly desirable and unique 550 camera bag. They are family owned to this day and continue to design shoulder bags, larger backpacks and a huge range of compatible accessories. With traditional styling from rugged materials, practical features and infinite customisation, they have garnered a broad fan base of professional and enthusiast photographers. We are proud to support another British family run business and carry a wide selection of their popular camera bags in sizes for all manner of equipment.

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Which materials Do Billingham Bags Use?

With a uniquely traditional appearance newcomers to this brand often comment on the rugged natural appearance of models within the range. Each bag consists of around 100 custom made components, with stylish leather trims and straps, along with solid brass buckles and fasteners.

The bags themselves are either Canvas or FibreNyte. Canvas blends cotton and polyester and FibreNyte is a synthetic material which is remarkably similar in appearance. Both are hard wearing with the synthetic material just taking the edge.

Photographers who love the weathered look of an older camera bag would lean towards the natural Canvas finish, which ages naturally ver time.

Are These Bags waterproof?

Both materials are bonded to polyester with a rubber lining in the centre. This means photographers can rest assured these are extremely weatherproof and will withstand anything the British summer, or winter can throw at them.

How Do I Keep A Billingham Clean?

Owners can keep grime and mud off these bags easily, although they are designed to show some proud history. Before cleaning remove all dividers and inserts and any other removable parts. Hand wash these only, never put in a washing machine or dry cleaners. Using warm soapy water simply brush off dirty areas without submerging into water. Allow the bag to dry naturally before using Nikwax or similar oil to restore leather straps. (Replacement straps and belts are available for most models if damaged).

For commuters and multimedia creators a number of models incorporate padded laptop and tablet compartments. Colours in the range typify the fine blend between modern and traditional, with unique colour combinations sure to be the envy of any other passing photographer.

There are such a comprehensive range of bags to suit any type of photography equipment necessary, we recommend browsing options online or visiting one of our camera stores to experience the tactile quality these present. Whichever bag is chosen we are confident it will provide many decades of service in a stylish, practical and secure way.

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