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Trail Cameras

A trail camera (or camera trap) is a self-contained outdoor digital camera for recording wildlife video or stills images. Models are available with a range of features for various budgets which include; night vision capabilities, distance of subject, battery durability and quality of recorded results. Once the camera is triggered by an animal, a still image or video is automatically recorded. Photographers later return to the camera to get the data off the memory card.

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Knowing where to expect your subject can make the difference between getting the shot or missing it. If you are trying to photograph a particular creature, one of the best ways to predict where they’ll be is by using a trail camera.

Trail cameras are small, battery powered, weather sealed digital cameras that you can strap to a tree, post or anywhere suitable. Photographers can leave the unit for up to a week or so and the motion sensor will capture a picture every time an animal passes in front of it. Resolutions of up to 24MP capture detailed images or 1080p HD video.

These type of cameras are perfect for getting advanced information about wildlife in a particular area, or simply to capture candid shots of unsuspecting wildlife when there are no humans around to disturb them.

At Park Cameras, we carry a range of Bushnell models that are ideal to capture these types of shots. You might also want to consider a spotting scope to accompany a trail cam a a means of establishing where animals are most likely to be found before setting up.

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