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Monopods are versatile camera supports that are an attractive alternative to the traditional tripod. Common users include outdoor, sports or travel photographers who value a support that is compact, yet offers a high level of stability and flexibility.

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Supporting your camera with a monopod means you free yourself from carrying the weight of the camera, which will give far better results than hand-held shooting. Because they are not fixed like tripods are, monopod users can freely point the camera in different directions with ease and smoothness. This flexibility ensures monopods are favoured by sports photographers using long telephoto lenses, wildlife photographers and they will often be seen in press photography scrums and at catwalk fashion shows when space is a consideration.

Just like tripods, monopods come in all sorts of shapes and carrying capacities; from light and highly compact models for smaller mirrorless cameras or a small DSLR, to larger and more sturdy monopods with firm bases that are designed for medium format cameras or high-end DSLRs with long lenses attached. Weight capacities can provide support for all types of equipment at up to 60kg or more.

When shopping for a monopod, remember to consider which tripod head is most suitable. Generally a ball head provides the most versatile and lightweight option. Also consider the number of leg sections, with less sections providing more stability when extended and a higher number allowing for smaller packing when folded together. Feet can usually be replaced with spikes, visit our accessories section for spare or replacement parts.

At Park Cameras we stock a large selection from all of the leading manufacturers, which you can buy online or by visiting one of our two showroom stores for honest buying advice.

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