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Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras

Swedish brand Hasselblad produce world leading medium format cameras for advanced enthusiasts and working professional photographers. Park Cameras are proud to provide a range of Hasselblad models including the portable mirrorless X1D Mark II medium format digital camera and compatible high performance XCD series lenses. We also stock the outstanding H system with digital backs and camera bodies aimed at studio photographers who demand the highest quality from equipment.

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With sensors across both model ranges delivering between 50 and 100 megapixels, the benefits of medium format become immediately apparent. Images are silky smooth, with exceedingly low noise, rendered in a style which is hard to define, yet instantly recognisable.

The compact mirrorless X1D system provides outdoor photographers with a highly compact medium format camera previously unheard of in the industry. Newer models are notably quicker, highly portable and deliver quality which has only been available in the realms of high end professionals.

For photographers who wish to reproduce exquisite large format prints and who sell images to customers, whether from portrait or weddings, the Hasselblad range provides an excellent user-friendly system.

Lenses designed for medium format are created to draw out the detail which these large sensors are capable of rendering. This is perhaps where the departure from 35mm format is most notable. Whilst camera models tend to be slightly slower than 35mm equivalents, resulting images reward patience and attention to detail. Photographers are more readily adopting Hasselblad X1D cameras for a range of diverse subjects thanks to compact size and growing affordability. Subjects today will include street photography, landscape as well as more traditional portrait and wedding photography. Browse our range online or visit one of our stores for a demonstration in person and to view our range of genuine Hasselblad accessories.

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