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Fujifilm Medium Format Lenses

Fujifilm G Mount interchangeable lenses are designed for use with their highly acclaimed GFX medium format cameras, first released during Photokina 2016. The range now spans from 23mm to 250mm with a 1.4x teleconverter for their telephoto and also includes several zoom options. Optics are designed for high performance and reliability, many featuring weather resistance, freeze-proofing and a host of advanced aspherical, super ED and ED elements for the ultimate high resolution quality.

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The focal range of the complete system is equivalent (in 35mm format) to 18mm - 198mm up to 277mm when the TC is mounted on the telephoto. Prime lenses afford the absolute highest quality as is required with their medium format sensors and the zooms are held to these same standards.

The G mount range is compatible with the GFX-50S, the rangefinder style 50R and latest GFX-100 model. The optics have been designed with advanced elements capable of resolving over 100MP of extra fine detail as required by these camera bodies. Fujinon GF lenses inherit the famed design of mirrorless Fujifilm XF lenses, delivering rich tonal reproduction, are virtually distortion-free and provide high resolving power. Colours are accurate, natural and processed in the wide range of highly celebrated film simulations which Fujifilm have developed over the past 80 years.

Fujifilm continues to develop medium format equipment and expand this line of Fujinon G-mount series lenses that not only possess excellent build quality but also top-of-the-range optics to ensure that the large sensor’s detail is matched by the lens being used using.

View the lens roadmap here on Fujifilm’s website for current and future model releases. This particular line-up is suitable for subjects consistent with the portable and user-friendly medium format system. This includes landscape, fashion, portrait and even street photography. The ability to crop into images is a distinct advantage with high resolution optics and sensors. Low noise levels and pleasing out of focus areas ensure smooth, sharp and detailed results. Fast paced action and sports are perhaps outside the realm of what the optics are intended for, however contrast AF detection has been revitalised to provide more accurate and faster subject acquisition.

Why not browse our used Fujifilm lens options to check availability of your desired model? For a personal demonstration of the quality of these optics visit one of our two stores. Park Cameras are a Fujifilm Approved Digital Retail Centre, carrying all of their cameras and accessories.

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