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360 Cameras

360 cameras are one of the newest type of action camera available today. They are easy to use devices for capturing wildly creative spherical images and videos, which record a circular image rather than a rectangular one from a standard camera. The big name brands currently producing excellent 360 degree cameras include GoPro with the Fusion range, Insta360 and Ricoh Theta models. All are capable of capturing highly competent and fun images with a totally unique perspective (including selfies), which can be shared instantly with friends and family on Youtube or any social media platforms.

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How does a 360 degree camera work?

360 cameras use either one or two individual cameras working in combination with ultra wide-angle lenses to create a 360-degree spherical image. Some models create true spherical images, whilst others use the term to mean that they capture ultra-wide images that appear to look behind (or do actually look behind) where the camera is. This is sometimes compared to how a fish-eye lens will work, providing an immersive distorted view which we would not normally experience.

What features are available?

Some models available can be used to live stream videos to social media sites for real-time vlogging or can be shared later from the onboard memory. Movie recording capabilities include high quality 4K with some models and also feature an internal microphone for audio recording and voice control. Other features range from VR, waterproofing, time-lapse and accessory mounts for capturing video when participating in your favourite outdoor action adventures. Whether you love mountain biking, surfing, running or any outdoor pursuits, one of these can take your videos and photos to the next level of creativity.

Join the new wave of creative photography with one of the 360 models we stock or call in to either of our stores to see what these fun devices are capable of in person.

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