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Tripod Bags

Tripod bags or cases are designed to make carrying any size of tripod easy and comfortable, as well as offering padded protection so you can be sure your equipment is safe from damage when travelling. Manfrotto and Benro in particular design a broad range suitable for any brand of tripod.

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Manfrotto 75cm Tripod Bag

lightweight water repellant 75cm tripod bag.




Manfrotto 75cm Padded Tripod Bag

lightweight 75cm padded tripod bag













18 items

Camera tripod bags are available in various shapes and sizes depending on how large your tripod is. There are models for compact mini tripods as well as far larger video tripods. Other trusted brands include Velbon and Think Tank all of which provide protection and carrying comfort.

A bag or case for your tripod is the perfect way to extend the lifetime of your equipment by keeping them safe and secure when not in use and by avoiding any unnecessary accidental damage. The weight is also spread more evenly across your back, through the strap when carrying. They are quite versatile and can also be used for transporting light stands if you shoot with strobes on location.

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