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Ricoh Compact Cameras

Ricoh has designed the highly popular range of compact GR cameras since 1998, moving from film to digital as technology evolved. Today GR cameras are as small, lightweight and easy to use as the original models, combining a single wide angle lens within a tiny package. These compact cameras are perfect for capturing effortless high resolution images in any situation and can be kept in a pocket or compact case for quick access. GR cameras are designed to be suitable for almost any subject, from street photography to portraits and landscapes to travel.

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Ricoh GR III Compact Camera

A high-end digital compact camera that harmonizes high-quality, high-resolution images with intuitive, responsive snapshot capabilities in its compact, lightweight body — making it an excellent choice, even for professional photographers.


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Ricoh GR II Compact Camera

Sporting a high quality 16.2MP APS-C sensor and fast start up, the Ricoh GR II Compact Camera has a new imaging engine, f/2.8 lens and built-in Wi-FI with NFC Module for image transfers and sharing.


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Ricoh GR III Street Edition Special Limited Kit

The RICOH GR III Street Edition features a metallic grey finish and asphalt-like surface texture with an orange-yellow lens ring. Limited to 3,500 pieces worldwide, grab yours now before it's too late.


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Ricoh GR III Street Edition Kit

This Street Edition Kit with Case and Spare Battery combines the limited RICOH GR III Street Edition compact camera with 2x spare batteries and a GC-9 leather case for all day shooting in style.


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The design ethos behind these models intends to enable photographers to engage closely with the world around them through a wide angle lens. Getting closer to subjects and moments whilst still providing simple, effortless point and shoot capabilities.

A range of advanced technology is employed to ensure photographers will capture the best possible images in any given situation. A handful of these features include in-body shake reduction for sharper shots even in low light. A bright aperture lens, which is highly capable even during sunrise and sunsets. A high resolution APS-C sized sensor for highly detailed results and plenty of resolution to crop images. A macro mode helps to get even closer to small subjects. Whichever style photographers enjoy, the ability to bring such a compact and characterful camera opens up new creative opportunities.

Browse our range of compact camera cases for a snug and secure home for any new smaller model, as well as SD memory cards to ensure enough space for data and other branded accessories to embellish your passion. For action and underwater photography or videos, browse our next level waterproof cameras, or excellent action models, which can even capture 360-degree videos and images as the Ricoh model does.

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