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Laowa Camera Lenses

Laowa is a specialist optical designer with numerous unique and world’s first lenses, including ultra wide macro, macro probe and short telephoto macro. We carry a number of the very best options from their line-up for Canon EF and Nikon F DSLR’s as well as Sony E and Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras. Other than Fujifilm all of these can be mounted on full frame as well as crop sensor bodies, providing versatile options for any camera user.

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15 items

All models in this range are manual-only focus lenses, resulting in pin sharp details with several macros capable of 2:1 through to 5:1 larger than life-size magnification. The results from these show incredibly fine details which you would rarely, if ever see with the naked eye. We also carry ZERO distortion Shift lenses for several camera brands, which are an excellent option for architecture, interiors and landscape photography. Whichever style of photography or videography you love, we are certain this young brand will have an excellent lens for you to relish. Every lens also comes with a three year warranty too, so you can head out and pursue your passion without worrying about durability.

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