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Umbrellas and Softboxes

Umbrellas and soft boxes are invaluable to studio and location photographers who wish to control artificial light sources. These are the most popular light modifiers, due in part to their flexibility, quick set-up and ease of use. Adding a soft box or umbrella will diffuse, bounce and soften what would otherwise be quite harsh light directly from a source. Many photographers will use more than one option at a time, with backlighting, rim and fill light required for any particular shot.

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Rotolight Illuminator with Umbrella mount

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Different options are available to spread light across any part of a subject. For portrait and fashion photographers these include models which will light only the head and shoulders to full body lighting options. Employing a lighting stand will allow the photographer to position modifiers at the correct height as required and are considered essential in many set-ups. Collapsible reflectors are also used as an alternative to create fill lighting under a subject's face or neck.

Master your studio and location lighting control with our large range of umbrellas and softboxes. Shape, bounce, reflect and control with all of the top brands including; Elinchrom, Interfit, Kenro, Lastolite, Profoto and Rotolight.

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