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Carbon Fibre Tripods

Carbon fibre tripods offer an exceptional strength to weight ratio, being considerably lighter than aluminium alternatives. Travel and outdoor tripods will often be made from carbon fibre due to these weight saving benefits. Carbon is woven in multiple layers to provide an extremely rigid support for your camera and lens, with various models available for any system from heavier DSLRs to lightweight mirrorless cameras.

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Free Lowepro Slingshot worth £111
Free Lowepro Slingshot worth £111
Free Lowepro Slingshot worth £111
226 items Page 1 of 10

Various heights are available, from shorter highly portable travel-style tripods, to extra tall four or five section models for taller photographers and hillside set-ups. Choose a fully extended height which allows you to achieve a comfortable shooting position when the camera is secured. If it is too short, you will develop backache or fatigue from hunching over. There may be some compromise if the main purpose is for travel, as these models will tend to be shorter.

Another consideration is the number of leg sections. The fewer there are, the longer each leg will be, which generally means that when stowed the length will remain longer. The main advantage of having fewer leg sections is that they will provide more stability, suitable for heavier loads and more stable shots. A large sturdy model, with less sections will allow the photographer to capture sharper images when combined with good shooting practice such as using a remote control. These can be reasonably heavy and are suitable for big gimbals to support long telephoto lenses for birding or sports photography. Remember to consider the combined load capacity if you are planning on using heavier lenses.

Some models are designed to be compact enough to fit inside airplane carry on luggage. A number of backpacks from Lowepro and Manfrotto amongst others, are purpose designed as carry-on, safely carrying a short tripod.

Carbon fibre is a hi-tech material ideal for camera support which remains warm to the touch in even the coldest conditions. Unless you are buying a full kit, don't forget to consider a ballhead or 3 way head for panning shots and video.

The main brands we carry are well known for providing excellent stable solutions for every type of photography, including; Gitzo, Manfrotto, Benro and British designed and engineered 3 Legged Thing. All are lighter than the majority of aluminium tripods and are extremely popular for all styles of photography. You can also browse our selection of used tripods to see if the model you are seeking is available. A purpose made bag may also be of benefit when travelling or storing your equipment.

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