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Hasselblad Cameras

Hasselblad is a leading manufacturer of digital medium format cameras and compatible XCD lenses. Their cameras are renowned for iconic designs and uncompromising image quality from exceptionally high resolution sensors. Such high resolutions are well suited to studio photography, fashion, portraits, street and landscape, particularly with the latest X System, which are eminently portable. Park Cameras are proud to provide our professional and advanced enthusiast customers with a range of H System and X System mirrorless medium format cameras to support their profession, all of which can be ordered securely online.

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Swedish company Hasselblad has forged a reputation as one of the world’s greatest camera manufacturers over a period of many decades. We currently provide two of their systems.

Medium Format Mirrorless X System

This latest development from Sweden is a highly compact mirrorless medium format camera with a range of compact interchangeable lenses. The X System places this format within the grasp of keen photographers who enjoy the hugely rewarding images the system is capable of. A number of features accompany the latest bodies, which allow them to function in a way usually associated with consumer-level mirrorless cameras. This system is designed as a lightweight, compact alternative to the hugely successful H System discussed below.

Hasselblad H System Cameras

H System cameras are aimed squarely at working professionals who demand an ultra high resolution modular camera system. Combining digital backs, lenses and accessories allows for a customisable workflow, delivering resolutions from 50 megapixels right up to a staggering 400 megapixels. This level of resolution is capable of extracting even the tiniest of details which will be admired across the globe in magazines, across billboards and by fine art collectors.

Whichever system our customers work within, our fully trained staff are available in both of our stores to support, demonstrate and advise. customers can also shop with us for genuine Hasselblad accessories including spare batteries and more.

Find out more in our previous blog where we discuss Hasselblad joining Park Cameras as well as A Brief History of Medium Format Photography

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