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Hasselblad Cameras

Hasselblad cameras are celebrated for their part in reimagining photography throughout a rich history which spans many decades. Our professional photographers choose Hasselblad medium format cameras for the extraordinary detail and premium results which they achieve. The range includes both H System and the X System, widely adopted since being introduced in 2016. Whichever you choose you’ll find Hasselblad medium format lenses and a wide range of accessories to accompany your purchase.

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This well-established Swedish brand has inspired photographers with legendary equipment from the iconic Hasselblad film camera which accompanied NASA to the moon, to the X1D Hasselblad digital camera, which revolutionised mirrorless medium format photography. Photographers decide on a Hasselblad camera when they need uncompromising image quality, captured by extremely high resolution sensors found across all-in-one X System cameras and modular H System digital backs.

The remarkably compact X System provides enthusiast and professional photographers with a camera which harnesses medium format quality, combined with the benefit of being light enough to be handheld. This makes any X1D camera perfectly suited to professional studio, fashion and portrait photography, as much as it is for field photography, capturing street, landscapes and architecture.

At the other end of the Hasselblad camera range is the modular H System, which combines a digital back, interchangeable lens and viewfinder components. These offer unparalleled quality, with resolutions from 100 to an astounding 400 megapixels, typically reserved for creating billboard-sized imagery and content for luxury brands.

Discover all that Hasselblad has to offer in our comprehensive range of new medium format Hasselblad cameras, as well as a selection of used Hasselblad cameras and used Hasselblad lenses. All second-hand equipment comes with a six-month UK warranty for peace of mind, and all orders over £50 delivered free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Hasselblad cameras made?

Where are Hasselblad cameras made?

Hasselblad cameras are made in Gothenburg, Sweden, where they have designed and manufactured their high quality medium format cameras since 1941.

Can I use manual lenses on Hasselblad?

Can I use manual lenses on Hasselblad?

Yes. For X system: All V, XPan and H system lenses can be used with an adapter. Depending on age, only certain H lenses will operate with Autofocus. V and XPan are manual focus and use the electronic shutter.

For H system: All V lenses can be used via the CF adapter.

Why Hasselblad is so expensive?

Why Hasselblad is so expensive?

Hasselblad has produced innovative, class-leading camera equipment throughout their history. To this end their cameras and lenses are manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest technology available, including high resolving lenses and large imaging sensors, which attract a premium price in keeping with a strong brand heritage.

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