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Tripod Heads

A tripod or monopod will require some type of tripod head in order to be mounted onto the camera. These fall into three categories; 3 way heads, ball heads and fluid heads. Each has its’ own advantages, which is generally defined by the style of photography which it will be most used for. We stock a huge range of leading models suitable for any photographic situation and budget, for video and photography, from landscape to travel and much more.

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Manfrotto Befree 3Way Live Head

Befree 3Way Live Head perfectly meets the customer need of experiencing video and photo applications with only one ultra-versatile support.


Manfrotto 490 Center Ball Head

The ideal head to start shooting more seriously


Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head

A small but powerful head ideal to attach a variety of accessories to enrch your shot.









Manfrotto 500 Fluid Head With Flat Base

Optimised for HDSLR camera bodies this smooth and precise fluid head has a maximum weight load of 11 lb.






Manfrotto XPRO 3-Way Head

The compact and reliable Manfrotto XPRO 3-Way tripod head affords precise framing and shooting with friction controlled adjustments. Applications include landscape, architecture and interiors.







Benro A573T Dual-Tube Aluminium Video Tripod & S6PRO Head 75mm Ball

Benro A573T Dual-Tube Aluminium Video Tripod & S6PRO Head 75mm Ball


Benro S8PRO Video Head Max Load 8kg

Benro S8PRO Video Head Max Load 8kg


Benro S6PRO Video Head Max Load 6kg

Benro S6PRO Video Head Max Load 6kg


89 items Page 1 of 4

3 way heads (or pan tilt) offer the highest level of control when pointing the camera, with each separate lever controlling movement along an axis independently. Levers are rotated, twisted then locked into place when the desired angle has been achieved. Often these are used by studio photographers and portraits.

Ball heads are perhaps the most popular style as they present a versatile option for many styles of photography. Ball heads will tend to be the most compact option with excellent manoeuvrability of the camera. Outdoor photographers will often opt for a ball head thanks to excellent weight to load ratios and compact sizes. Refined movements can sometimes feel somewhat haphazard however, when precision control is required. This might mean macro or other types of photography are tricky, where minute movements can make a big difference.

The third option is a fluid head. These are ideal for birding, wildlife and movie making as they are often geared or damped to allow for smooth panning and rotation of the camera. Gimbals fall into this category which are able to support the largest, heaviest telephoto lenses required for sports and action.

A tripod plate is essential to fix the camera to the head and some photographers choose a mini tripod as a second option to keep weight down when travelling light. Browse our used tripod department to pick up a second hand model and some photographers choose a suitable camera backpack to bring their equipment on longer journeys. These will often feature bespoke pockets and external attachments for carrying a tripod.

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