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Swarovski Spotting and Fieldscopes

Swarovski specialises in producing high end precision sports spotting scopes and binoculars through their optics division ‘Swarovski Optik’. This premium range has been redesigned to provide a completely new flexible modular system, allowing users to mix straight or angled objectives with eyepieces for any viewing situation. Weight is kept to a minimum and transportation is a breeze with a system which can easily be dissembled. The new ergonomic design benefits digiscopers in particular with single handed operation and ATX/STX spotting scopes have a newly positioned zoom ring for optimal single handed use.

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9 items

All models deliver crystal clear viewing with a number of objectives and magnifications suitable for viewing fine details even during long range observation of wildlife, bird watching and nature observation. Photographers benefit from the ability to adapt modular scopes to mount onto a range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This delivers huge potential for image making over vast distances which would be extremely expensive with a regular camera lens. Spotting scopes are waterproof making them ideal for inclement weather which can often be experienced on our shores.

Shop the wide range here at Park Cameras and why not browse compatible accessories including cases, adapters and rails. To view any model in person visit one of our stores in London and Sussex where our helpful staff are also available to answer any questions.

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Throughout the year, Park Cameras hold and attend a range of events. For photographers currently stuck indoors, as opposed to our events that are traditionally held in store or on the road, we are currently working on a range of events that can be held in the comfort and safety of your own home. In these uncertain times, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with your camera, and hopefully we can help achieve this. Find out more

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