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Straps and Belts

Straps and belts are extremely useful accessories in the world of photography and come in all shapes and sizes. Upgrading your camera strap can make the difference between a comfortable day of shooting and developing fatigue or muscle strain, which is especially important for all-day photographers including wedding, portrait and event photographers.

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At Park Cameras we have a huge range of camera straps, harnesses and belts available, ranging from simple replacement neck straps, hand and wrist straps, to full camera harnesses for holding multiple cameras and lenses. As well as camera manufacturer own brands, we also stock many third party variations from Black Rapid, Optech and Peak Design to name a few.

The materials used can denote the application, with wrist straps available from comfortable neoprene to stylish leather from Leica and Billingham. Whatever your needs we have the colour, comfort level and range of options to secure your gear.

Browse the complete selection available online or visit either of our stores and we will be happy to show you our range of camera accessories as well as our comprehensive range of camera bags and cases.

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Events at Park Cameras

Throughout the year, Park Cameras hold and attend a range of events. For photographers currently stuck indoors, as opposed to our events that are traditionally held in store or on the road, we are currently working on a range of events that can be held in the comfort and safety of your own home. In these uncertain times, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with your camera, and hopefully we can help achieve this. Find out more