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Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks Review

Our review of the Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks explores new sustainable materials and bag features so that you can choose between the 16 litre ProTactic BP 350 AW II or 25 litre ProTactic BP 450 AW II.

Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks Review

Introduction to ProTactic BP 350 AW II and BP 450 AW II

It’s been three years since Lowepro introduced the Mark II versions of their hugely popular ProTactic camera backpacks. In June 2022 they announced an update to extremely popular ProTactic BP 350 AW II and BP 450 AW II modular packs, with new sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. The bags themselves continue to offer incredibly versatile, comfortable and robust protection for camera gear, but are now more environmentally friendly.

New sustainable credentials

The biggest news with the updated BP 350 AW II and BP 450 AW II bags is the use of sustainable materials and production methods. There’s only a 1% difference in total score between the two, with the bags achieving the Green line sustainability score of 64% in the more compact 350 bag and 63% in the larger 450. ‘Green line’ is the measurement of companies environmental efforts, and Lowepro is committed to reducing their environmental impact in line with customer expectations.

New sustainable materials and dye processes

A number of materials are 100% recycled across each pack:

  • 100% recycled 420D Nylon FormShell outer
  • 100% recycled 200D Polyester and Nylon Velex lining
  • Modular Accessories 100% recycled shell and linings
  • 100% recycled webbing
  • 100% recycled AW cover

The specific difference of the dope dyeing approach (also called solution or spun dyeing), results in around 80% less water being consumed during the process, together with recycled fabrics being utilised throughout. We think this is a great initiative, which extends to the fully recycled packaging you’ll get, as well as FSC certified product information cards, which are included when you buy either of these.

Difference between the ProTactic BP 350 AW II VS ProTactic BP 450 AW II

The Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II and Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II are identically featured photo-orientated camera bags, aside from their size differences. The more compact BP 350 AW II will hold up to a 13-inch laptop and more compact tripod, whilst the larger BP 450 AW II holds up to a 15-inch laptop and larger tripod. The table below outlines key specifications and capacities of these two innovative backpacks.

Spec differences

Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II Black

Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Black


2.22 kg

2.7 kg


16.0 litres

25.0 litres

Longest attached PRO lens

Up to 24-70mm f/2.8

Up to 70-200mm f/2.8

Laptop compartment



Internal dimensions

26 x 12.5 x 40 cm

30 x 16 x 44 cm

External dimensions

30 x 18 x 47 cm

36 x 22 x 52 cm

Green line sustainability score

64% – from 28% solution-dyed, 36% recycled fabrics

63% – from 26% solution-dyed, 37% recycled fabrics

ProTactic BP 350 AW II and ProTactic BP 450 AW II compared

What equipment fits in the updated Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks?

The illustration shows just how much camera gear you can fit into both of these bags, whether DSLR or mirrorless cameras plus up to eight compatible lenses or flashguns for strobists.

With the BP 450 AW II being larger in every direction, it goes without saying that you can store more in the 25 litres it offers. The primary difference in practical terms is that you can attach a pro size 70-200mm f/2.8 lens to a pro sized gripped body, which also fits horizontally into the bag. This would not be possible with the lens mounted to the body in the more compact BP 350 AW II, but a 70-200mm lens still fits perfectly when detached.

You’ll also be able to pack more photo accessories including camera batteries, lens filters, cables and so on, however they both fit plenty for most working content professionals.

Versatile ProTactic SlipLock modular attachment system

Both of the backpacks feature attachment loops and tabs on the exterior (including on the removable wait belt), which enable you to attach included as well as optional accessories. Both bags come with a utility pouch, water bottle holder, tripod cup and Quick Straps and you can also add a number of other ProTactic accessories which use the SlipLock™ system.

Modular attachment system

These include the following at the time of launch:

The modular attachment system is incredibly easy to use and offers secure addition of more gear to exterior points on the bag, straps and belt. This is perfect for adjusting loads according to the length of your photo trip or session, so you can bring another camera body, more lenses, flash units, cables or virtually any other accessories.

Removable waist belt with attachment points

The comfortable waist belt is also removable and has its own SlipLock attachment points to use as a standalone utility belt when you’re doing some DIY or want to travel as light as possible.

Laptop suspension system for added peace of mind

Other technology and features

Along with updated eco credentials and a fully modular design, Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks include a number of features, which contribute to their appeal and useability.

  • Multiple gear access points – Both of the backpacks offer various ways to access your camera, including a large secure rear flap. This enables you to quickly grab your camera from the lower storage like a sling bag – from either side, from the top and the rear when you take the backpack off. This is not only versatile but provides fast access when inspiration strikes.
  • CradleFit™ laptop storage – Lowepro has designed a clever laptop compartment which is suspended in order to safeguard your laptop when it’s in the bag. The BP 450 fits a 15-inch laptop, while the BP 350 fits a 13-inch laptop.
  • ActivZone™ comfort – Both of the bags are well padded and designed with your movement in mind, with plenty of support at the shoulder blades, lumbar and waist for when you’re on the move. A structured back panel provides ventilation and there’s even an integrated trolley strap when you’re travelling with your camera.
  • All Weather AW Cover™ – We’ve all been caught out in worse than bad weather and the ProTactic range comes with a rain cover for your gear. The patented design fits over the bag protecting against rain, snow, dust and sand, which can be folded away when not in use.

Lowepro backpack with tripod attached

Which model to get?

The photography community already loved Lowepro ProTactic Backpacks, and the updated generation ProTactic BP 350 AW II and ProTactic BP 450 AW II provide the eco credentials, which many photographers now want. Whilst not achieving a perfect 100% Green Line score, with 63/64% under their belts these bags are a lot nearer to Lowepro’s goal, which we think is admirable.

Either model will serve years of reliable and robust use and come with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty for the original purchaser. While you can fit more into the larger bag, both offer plenty of room for your gear, particularly when strapping modular accessories to the outer. Your laptop or tripod size might dictate which is the ideal one, but we’re certain you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose.

Browse all Lowepro backpacks here to find your perfect gear hauling partner, or simply click here for the Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II Black and here for the Lowepro ProTactic BP 450 AW II Black if you’ve already made up your mind.

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