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Sigma Camera Lenses

Ever since its formation in Japan in 1961, Sigma Imaging have produced lenses of the highest optical quality. They now manufacture for all major camera brands including Canon EF mount, Nikon F, Sony E mount and L mount.

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Sigma are known the world over for producing optical designs which deliver sharp images, give high contrast, well controlled ghosting and accurate colour rendition. Exceptional build quality and ease of use are also benefits which will appeal to photographers who need durable and weatherproof options. With ranges designed for both full-frame and APS-C sized sensors, which include both manual focus and autofocus options, Sigma make lenses suitable for every photographic genre.

Today this encompasses wide-angle lenses (both primes and zoom) for capturing landscapes, interiors and architecture. Standard focal widths are available for weddings, portraits or everyday use and macro for still life and close up photography. Sports and wildlife photographers are well catered for with several telephoto lenses which provide strong third party contenders when compared to camera manufacturer models.

The three main ranges offered are Contemporary, Art and Sports. These all have different attributes and will appeal to different styles and level of photographer. The Contemporary range is aimed at beginners and enthusiasts who need affordable, yet high quality options. Art lenses deliver even higher performance with water-resistance, more special glass elements and even better quality results. Finally the Sports range delivers high speed AF within compact telephoto zoom casings and bright apertures.

Sigma’s philosophy is that a photo is only as good as the lens it was made with stands true for many. If you’re looking for a new option your DSLR, mirrorless or micro four thirds camera, Park Cameras have got a fantastic selection to meet your needs.

If you want to try a fully warrantied used model, visit our Sigma second hand department. All models are fully checked by our trained technicians.

Why not compliment your new lens with a useful lens filter from leading brands such as LEE or Hoya. Both brands provide a huge range of high quality options from glare-reducing polarising filters to neutral density filters ideal for outdoor photographers.

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