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Colour Calibration Hardware

For photographers, videographers, filmmakers, illustrators, graphic designers and anyone who is a visual creative, keeping your monitor or graphics tablet calibrated should be an essential part of a workflow. Calibrating colour throughout the process, from image capture to print or digital release ensures consistency and accuracy. At Park Cameras we take colour calibration seriously and have the most highly endorsed products from Datacolour, Wacom and Calibrite.

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Datacolor SpyderX Elite

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Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo

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Datacolor SpyderX Photo Kit

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Datacolor Spyder LensCal

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If you use your own printer it is especially important to match the sRGB or Adobe RGB colour which your camera records. Failure to manage colour when editing and printing can cause quite wild variations in the finished proof, looking completely different from how they were envisaged.

Studio, product and portrait photographers who use studio lighting will often use a colour checker, white or grey card to record the white balance in the scene. This not only saves time when editing, but ensures accurate skin tones or any other tones required. Devices are also available specifically for film makers which achieve the same end result.

Similarly, a monitor can be calibrated with a device (on a regular basis), which ensures the colours and brightness are consistently viewed on screen and match with the output generated.

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