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Underwater Housings

Underwater camera housings enable photographers and videographers to shoot with their cameras safely underwater. Housings for DSLR and mirrorless cameras come in two varieties, either a purpose designed thick sealed bag, or a bespoke camera-model case. Professional housing will allow dives down to around 60m (7ATM/BAR) which is deep enough to record marine wildlife in all of its’ glory. Waterproof bags will protect your equipment down to around 10-20m, perfect for snorkelling and pool fun.

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Park Cameras stock a wide variety of underwater housings and accessories to suit all budgets and many camera models. We have specific Ricoh Theta 360 camera waterproof cases, as well as a host of spare parts including seals and adaptors. Major brands stocked include Ewa Marine, Canon and Olympus.

Photographers who love exploring and shooting in the sea have come up with fabulous ideas over time. These include incredible macro, wide angle and special effects images. Visit the underwater photographer of the year website for an amazing gallery of inspiration. Wherever your next travel plans are, if they include water why not try bringing your camera to explore a whole new world of photography. We also stock waterproof cameras for those who prefer a water-specific option.

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