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Used Tripods/Tripod Heads

A tripod or head can be an excellent addition for a number of photographic and lighting purposes. Used tripods represent a particularly affordable way to obtain additional support for your camera, flashgun as well as studio lighting equipment (such as umbrellas and softboxes). Buying second hand from us is stress free as all equipment is thoroughly checked by our technicians before being listed and all items are sold with a 6 month warranty.

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Tripods (and ball heads) come in all shapes and sizes, from extremely compact travel sized models to large studio legs and heads suitable for medium format systems. Choosing the right model is simple, despite the huge range available. Start by ensuring the tripod weight allowance is suitable for your particular body and lens combination. For example if you shoot wildlife or birds with a long telephoto zoom, the tripod kit will need to support the extra weight of a long lens. If using a compact mirrorless with shorter lens for landscape, a sturdy tripod is useful to reduce camera shake, but lighter weight might be more suitable for hiking. So long as the weight capacity is robust enough, there will be no issues.

Another consideration is the maximum extended height the legs will reach. If you regularly photograph with a tripod system it is best to opt for a model which allows the camera to be placed at a comfortable viewing height to reduce strain. If fast and light is the primary concern, then a shorter model could be appropriate.

Similarly, a head (such as a ball head or video head) should be chosen for weight capacity and most regular usage. Video heads feature smooth panning and high weight capacity, whilst ballheads are typically great all-rounders for multiple purposes. Check the weight capacity for your equipment to ensure it will operate smoothly for many years to come.

Don’t forget to check our range of plates if one is not available with the used item you have selected.