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UV Filters

What is a UV Filter?

UV, or ultraviolet filters for camera lenses are used in photography for two main purposes; firstly to filter out ultraviolet rays from the sun and secondly, perhaps more commonly to protect the front element of a lens. All lenses have a fragile front optical element which is exposed to knocks, bumps and scratches. Damage to a lens can be costly and accidents can be minimised by attaching a screw-on glass UV filter. Shop with us for one of the widest selections available in the UK, with every thread size from all of the most renowned manufacturers.

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These are sometimes also referred to as de-haze or daylight filters. One should be chosen which matches the thread size of your specific lens, most commonly sized in millimetres such as 67mm or 77mm etc. You will find this written on your lens barrel or in the description when purchasing one.

Once attached a UV filter can essentially be forgotten about as they rarely impact image quality of interfere with any aspect of image making. They will reduce haze or blue tones sometimes visible in daylight photography. If your shot requires you to photography directly into sunlight, to capture a sun-star for example, you might need to remove the filter to avoid lens flare.

If another filter is required for a particular shot, such as a circular polariser which reduces reflections, the first filter should be removed and stored in an appropriate wrap or case. Alternatively some are available with dual threads, allowing a second filter to be threaded onto the front, the lens now having two different filters attached.

Park Cameras stock a huge range of choices from leading manufacturers including Hoya, B+W, Sigma, Tiffen and Zeiss. Look for light transmission to establish the best quality your budget allows. The more light which enters the lens, the better as it will not require a faster shutter speed. Browse our entire filters department for other useful options to support your style of image making.

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