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Studio Backgrounds

Studio backgrounds and backdrops allow photographers to tailor their sessions as required. We stock a wide range of options, from simple plain paper backgrounds, to collapsible backgrounds that offer versatility for location photography.

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Lastolite Collapsible 1.5x2.1M (5x7') concrete LB5745

Distinctive vintage style look Double sided Set up anywhere Portable and quick to set up Collapsible to a third of the original size


Lastolite Joe McNally Collapsible 1.5x2.1m Ironworks

Ironworks is a professional background with industrial style look, selected by Joe McNally from an original painted artwork.










Lastolite Paper 135cmx1100cm Grey - 9127

Lastolite Paper 135x1100cm Grey - LP9127


Lastolite Paper 275cm x1100cm - Super White

Lastolite Paper 275x1100cm Super White - LP9001



179 items Page 1 of 8

What Types of Studio Background Are Available?

Professional photographers and video producers will use a range of colours and materials to suit the subject and style which they are working with. These include any number of rolls of seamless paper backgrounds, muslin sheets and chromakey greens for knockouts and effects shots. Most options are available in a wide variety of colours from white and every colour through to black. Different materials have various benefits and maintenance requirements, and may need washing or ironing.

We also provide a range of complete background kits which include everything needed for self supporting backdrops, right through to huge support stands ideal for a number of large production studio applications.

Which Types of Photography Use a Backdrop?

The most common uses for backdrops include portrait photography, product, fashion, food photography and video recording. Whichever style you work within we are certain you will find the ideal background to suit your purposes with Park Cameras. We also carry a huge range of accessories, light modifiers and continuous lighting kits for artificial studio lighting.

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