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Canon EOS M - Digital Mirrorless Camera Range

Canon offer a wide range of mirrorless cameras and lenses that give you everything you need to take professional quality images in a compact and affordable package. Mirrorless cameras - also known as compact system cameras or CSCs - occupy a sweet spot between larger digital SLRs and convenient but limited compact cameras. Unlike compact cameras, they support interchangeable lenses and so are far more versatile, but are also much more lightweight and portable than DSLRs and do not require a mirror assembly - hence their name.

    Key Features

  • Mirrorless cameras frame using what the sensor 'sees' as opposed to using optical views.
  • Lenses can be positioned closer to the sensor than with DSLRs, so can be made smaller, lighter, and less expensive - and in turn can feature wider apertures.
  • Thanks to their shorter flange back distance, most types of lens systems can be used - with adapters.
  • Noise is minimised as there is no moving mirror to produce any sound.
  • Manual mode can be easier to use as the image is always read from the sensor - such as with focus peaking to assist in focus acquisition.
  • In manual mode, vintage lenses can be used (provided a compatible adapter is available) - which most other modern cameras cannot support.
Canon EOS-M System
professional quality images in a compact and affordable package

With large sensors in small bodies, pound for pound they produce exceptional results, and many mirrorless cameras deliver superior performance than similarly priced DSLRs. Have a look atour blogto see why you should make the jump to mirrorless cameras.

Canon EOS-M mirrorless cameras and Canon EF-M lenses are some of the most advanced available, and below we explore some of the brand's best and most popular models.

EOS M Lineup